Friday, October 29, 2010

Youth Power! Conference 2010 on Joeforlove Birthday!!!

“Birthdays are nice to have, and spending it acquiring knowledge is worth a great moment.” 
Johnson M D Johnson

On his birthday, Joseph M D Johnson is attending the Youth Power Conference 2010. The conference will be held at the KAMA CONFEFRENCE CENTRE, at 8 AM – 1 PM in Accra – Ghana. This year conference will focus on being agents of Spiritual ('C') change and change in our communities and workplaces ('G'). Eg.Becoming an Agent for Spiritual Change in Ghana by Nana Yaw Offei Awuku (Scripture Union) or Dr. Leslie Quarcoopome (Korle-Bu).
As a young agent of change, Johnson is enthusiastic about attending this conference because it will help develop his leadership abilities and enhanced his drive to pursue his purpose. He declares that, ‘our ability as young people to CONTROL and INFLUENCE must be developed on a regular basis.
Expected speakers shall include: Nana Yaw Awuku, Scripture Union; Dr. Esi Ansah, Ashesi University and Kingsley Kwayisi, HuD Group.
The focus this year (and indeed over the next three years) will not be so much the individual's benefit but the impact he/she can make in the following areas of C.H.A.N.G.E. :
irwaves (and media generally)
hetto (communities and workplaces)
ducational institution (schools, universities, colleges)
These are six (6) areas that describe all the fundamental facets of human endeavour. In numerology, six (6) is the number of MAN.
In 2009, Johnson was opportune to attend the Youth Power conference, he acquire great knowledge to focus on being agents of change in  Homes ('H') as well as being agents of Intellectual/Educational ('E') change. Eg. Becoming an Intellectual Powerhouse of Change in Ghana by Dr. Esi Ansah (Lecturer, Asheshi University ).
YouthPower! Conference is all about Young People inspiring other Young People!
Youth Power! is the eighth publication of The HuD Group, authored by Dr. Yaw Perbi. Essentially, Youth Power! is a guide for Young People on how to harness and unleash their God-given potential and live purposeful and fulfilling lives. In this book, several principles have been discussed which transcend issues that the youth tend to struggle with. Our primary objective in beginning this Youth Impacting Youth programme in 2005 called YouthPower! Conference was to get Young People to show other Young People that it is possible to achieve remarkable successes; age notwithstanding, once their energies and resources are focused and applied.
Johnson affiliates with the HuD Group and have always involve himself in organized events. At the Manifestation Youth Camp in 2006, he was opportune to sit under a motivational section of the founder, Dr. Yaw Perbi. And since his enchanter with Dr. Perbi, Johnson has always find it great sitting under his teachings and reading his life changes books including the ‘Six Sense, The Sex Sense.’
According to Johnson, it will be a deliberate waste not investing his birthday time into this conference. He says that, “I believe is the success of future! And the future of the HuD Group is bright. Such a great future comes from an angle of determined vision. And the Youth Power! Conference futures remarked: ‘We want to strategically raise about 1,000 identifiable youth who are inspired and empowered to be real agents of change in Ghana over the next 3 years . These will form not only a socio-economic base but a spiritual powerhouse as well as anintellectual think tank for the nation and ultimately, for the African continent.’”
YouthPower! Conference has always had the following three-fold purpose:
  1. To bring together young people from all walks of life to share personal experiences of living emulatory lives.
  2. To unearth talents and promote young entrepreneurs.
  3. To encourage and inspire Young People to discover their God-given purpose and to live out their fullest potential.
Birthdays are nice to have, and spending it acquiring knowledge is worth a great moment. As a young leaders aspiring to become a great inspirational and motivational speaker, Johnson said, I recorded what Dr. Perbi last said, “Young People have immense potential locked up in the recesses of their being. Yet according to research by the Brain Institute at Stanford University , for example, the average person uses about 2% of his potential! Even Albert Einstein estimates he used about 15% of his!”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pan-African Leadership Conference 2010

A young Liberian, DAFI Scholar and youth Advocate, Joseph M D Johnson, along with 150 Delegates cut across African, will be attending the Pan-African Leadership Conference. The Conference is being organized in Ghana on 2nd & 6th November 2010, under the theme: “Leading The Young Generation Of African Leaders On The Path Of Africa Development,” scheduled to be held at the J.H Nketia Conference Room, Kwame Nkrumah Complex, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra - Ghana.
Johnson as an African youth worker and a General Assembly member of the GIMPA Student Representative Council (GIMPA SRC) is working closely with the organizing committee of the conference to ensure an effective participation of youth across Africa. He have engaged and is ensuring that the Youth Empowerment for Progress (YEP and other youth bodies fully partake in the conferences.
The guest of honour is Hon. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information. Other speakers shall include, Prof. Kofi Anyidoho, Chair of Dr. Nkrumah Stool, Institute of African Studies; Dr. Doris Dartey, Communication Consultant, Prof. Margaret Amoakohene, Director School of Communication Studies, University of Ghana; Ben Akumba, Country Director Amicus Onlus Ghana; Dr. Bossman E. Asare, Lecturer, Political Science Department, University of Ghana; Resource persons from Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) and W.E.B. Du Bois Center.
On the 2nd, delegates will be visiting 15 selected Embassies and High Commissions of African Countries in Ghana. The Embassies and High Commissions of African Countries shall orient the delegates on the developmental trend: Political, Social, Cultural and Economic dynamics of their home countries; and their way forward to future progress and development.

After the visit to the Embassies and High Commissions, delegates shall write speeches on the topic: “The Development Of Africa Whose Responsibility.” Among the written speeches, five will be selected and presented at the Conference (6th), after which there shall be an open debate on the topic.

To contribute to Africa’s progress and development, Johnson has urge all young leaders who have aspired as a Young Pan-Africanist to commit themselves to the success of their nation and Africa at large. A special package at the conference shall include: Awards for Best Speech Presentation, Free Financial Coaching and Counseling, Certificate of Participation, Networking with Resource persons and becoming a pioneering member of the Pan-African Youth Parliament.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goodbye F'Acid

It might not have been as it was said, ‘A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it.’ Kindly allow me to write it by saying…

It seems to me that you’ve made your choice
Like a butterfly smiling at a sun flower
Never know when the day will end
But it has self-confidence and determination
When the storm sets in on a new day
And I would have loved to make you smile
To know you better  ¾ to perfect your happiness
But I was just a skilled Joe
Not quick to make a decision
But I was too transparent
¾That you pictured the destinies of my sight
But I was a distance away
The butterfly’s beauty has changed long before¾
Your heart made a choice
Between the sun flower and your smiles,
There are 60 seconds pages
¾Recording and writing new destinies
On a bright day when the storm shall end
Let us learn, live and leave a lasting legacy
But I am just Joeforlove ­¾me of I am…
Not moved by simple actions
That you may have pictured with emptiness
The butterfly was smiling long before
¾Your heart’s choice regretted!!  

Thanks for the time,



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Joseph M D Johnson' AMICUS Call To All African Youth

“I’m still optimistic about the future of Liberia, especially Africa! I come to tell young people: depict of all our past misery and current challenges as youth, I still have hope.”

Joseph M D Johnson, a sponsored DAFI Scholar, a young Liberian youth advocate and an African youth worker was privileged to attend a youth summit with fellow Ghanaian youths at the National Theatre, Accra (7th - 8th October, 2010). The 6th Amicus Youth Empowerment Summit have been organised by Amicus Onlus in partnership with Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

The special guest of honour was H.E. John Dramani Mahama, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and the keynote speaker was Christopher Paul Gardner of Gardner Rich LLC. . In his deliberation, H.E. John Dramani Mahama said, “I wish to add my voice for all of us in Ghana to shoulders together and use the opportunities here in Ghana.’

Looking back at his country Liberia, he was glad to declare, ‘I’m impressed about the concerns of Ghanaian leaders to prepare their youth for a bright future. It pleases posterity to confidently know that by engaging the youth into educational activities, the dark clouds of poverty, diseases and ignorance are empty illusions.’ ‘youth of Africa must make a choice for change! You are either part of the problem or the solution. Don’t remain disengaged.’ Johnson further continued, ‘The policies that are designed by governments are for us. We must monitor and engage all government activities without fear and doubt. Our governments are highly depending on our ideas and thought for development.’

The AMICUS Youth Empowerment Summit today is the foremost platform for advocacy and awareness creation on entrepreneurship and youth development in Ghana. The project has grown from an earlier participation of 362 at the premier summit in 2005 to 1,112 participants at the 5th Summit in 2009.

The 6th edition of the AMICUS Youth Empowerment Summit commences the 2nd Five Year phase of the summit structure. Following five consecutive years of awareness creation, advocacy and sensitisation on youth entrepreneurship and job creation, the needed fertile ground has now been provided to partner and support the youth to create their own job. This 2nd phase has therefore been designed to support the youth of Ghana to establish social enterprises that address peculiar challenges within their districts.

Johnson has called upon all African youth to take the development process of their nations and pursuing a positive change as a daily obligation, serious. He have remarked that, Liberia have come over 160 years saying we need a New Liberia. And with a demand, African youth must understand that the continent is currently made up only 10% of the world’s population, which is rapidly expanding. With the growth rate of 3%...we have inherited a system with more than 680,000,000 people.

Chris Gardner, popularly known for the movie that was based on his autobiography - The Pursuit of Happiness brings his vast experience, knowledge and great accomplishments in Corporate America, to the 6th summit. In his introduction, Mr Gardner said, “I think we need to talk and make this a part of our annual youth involvement.” He seeks to inspire and motivate Ghana’s young corporate executives on the theme, “Attitude: The Game Changer”.

Aside this detour, Chris Gardner was expected to engage the youth of Ghana on a one-on-one mentoring and aspirational encounter on how to win with the right attitude.

The Summit was a platform for advocacy and awareness creation on entrepreneurship and youth development. Some of the speakers that have graced this summit are: Dr. Kofi Amoah, Prof. Michael Hay (London Business School UK), Rev. Dr. Caeser Atuire (The Vatican, Italy), Hon. Akua Sena Dansua (Minister Youth and Sports), Hon. Joseph Yieleh Chireh (Min. Local Government) and Hon. Hannah Tetteh (Min. Trade & Industry).

According to the host, Akumba Ben Asamoaning remarked, “I want to engage you to create job for yourself and job for others. We see the potential in you. We believe with the right motivation we can become accomplished. This is why Chris Gardner is here, to help inspire us to achieve more.” Mr. Asamoaning added that, “To do this, we need capacity building. If you are thinking to expand in both scope and size, we cannot do it alone. This is why Prof. Michael Hay is here from London Business School, UK.”

Johnson finally mused, ‘I’m still optimistic about the future of Liberia, especially Africa! I come to tell young people: depict of all our past misery and current challenges as youth, I still have hope. With the evidence of the hard work of our forefathers, I’m still optimistic about Africa. I still don’t know if all of all have the political will or courage…but I’m certain that the future is bright!’

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

POEM: Lost In The Cear Of Fear

Lost in the care of fear
Feelings were lonely but near
Two hearts stood at a distance afar
Sending sweet feelings in words so deep and far
Their mind slowly embraced the ‘txt pleasure
Great danger that love could not measure
Both hearts ignorantly accepted love’s tesion
Rocking their sleepless night with great emotion
Within their hearts, resistance was strong
So strong, kindly refusing bitter pain from among
Attention had them smiling
As distance affection, had them crying
They were lost in the radiance of love—
The true feelings to accept from above
But fear had them still
Their hearts were hard but ill
Dry smiles corrupted their lovely will
Indeed will —inventing the malady of sweet pill
Words of emotion touched down, deep in their hearts
Like bitter joy tearing down beauty apart
And to one, it was a divine mystery
To another, it was a sweet misery
The more they deny the content they will share
Pretence proudly pours upon them with intelligent fear
Boldness, intelligence and courage spoke aloud
As value, care and beauty wisped to allow
—Allowing two heats admire the attraction of love
Life’s greatest happiness to wish all hearts is ove
Both dreams were locked in their imagination
Thoughts of feelings to wish all was an illusion
Lips was kissed in their mind
Tender hips was squeezed but never to be find
Deep in their eyes were distances yearning—
—yearning to be touched and felt every morning
The voice of her tender breast cry for his simple chest
The words of his unique txt kept calling for her request
Smiling night patiently watch their created pain
A remarkable moment to whish love was a gain
And when one suggested an immediate end
End to wish a suggestion was indeed approved
Both hearts were sad but far
Silently enjoying the wonderful regrets so afar
Memories to which all lovers must appreciate
Carelessly wasting expensive time of all they have ate
But do these two hearts love dearly?Or can they fall in love so clearly?

Knowing fully well their true feeling exist
True love which cannot be resist
Sending feelings in words so deep and far
Lost in the care of Fear!

Happy Val!



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Opportunity: Select the best 'i20 Empowerment" Logo

It is your opportunity to make a choice for the 'i20 Empowerment' logo by selecting your best number on the logo and sending it to or on the fb wall.

The "i20 Empowerment" GOAL:

Empowering 20 young persons who are disadvantaged every 3 weeks. It seeks to motivate and inspire these young folks to foster their dreams educationally, discover their purpose, become entrepreneur and make use of the opportunity available to them in the 21st centaury, by having an insight of the African Youth Charter; so that they can grow into responsible people by achieving their dreams and helping their societies.

Joeforlove Personal Motivation for 'i20 Empowerment"

“Nowhere in the world have refugee youth ever played a willful role in the agenda of the cause of their own suffering. Nevertheless, they continue to take the highest dose of the bitterness of all disasters.”

It has always been a heart breaking experience for me seeing thousands, if not million, of youths in the poorer parts of the earth planet, lacking almost everything that they need to accord them the opportunity to grow into the responsible leaders their various countries are so much in need of.
A very huge percentage of the world’s youths are either refugees or evidently poor individuals existing in evidently poor environments that carry all the signs of hopelessness for a future that can justify their present state of being.

The UNHCR, unfortunately cannot reach all the evidently needy youth as a result of their limitation in time, space and funding. Most of the youth I am talking about are coming from families that are not sure of the normal daily meals that other fortunate youths are absolutely sure of. But they have high desire to learn and seek opportunities to make their dreams a reality.

As I stated in the back ground of the ‘i20 Empowerment’, these youths have not played any willful role in the planning of the course of things that exposed them to their present state of being.

I am of the opinion that if these youths are left to the mercy of their fate in this cruel world, then the unfortunate stage of creating an inhuman cycle of unhappiness is set for continuously disadvantaged society of human beings in the third world. And the zeal to voluntary help rescue these youths who are supposed to throng Africa’s moral, forms the basis of my motivation to undertake the ‘i20 Empowerment.’

Joseph M D Johnson
‘i20 Empowerment.’ Initiator

Thursday, July 22, 2010


You have the secret to my heart

—Mastering my weakness to pompously slash me apart

You made me fall in love deeply

Sad pleasure of emotional ‘oamily

Your beauty brightens my mind with smiling confidence

—Knowing fully well it was a trap with dangerous appearance

Pungent pleasure and pitiable pain bleed wild hurt—

Hurt that rejects my happiness like passionate dirt

I’m manipulated —tricked and twice ill

Embrace by sweet threat of your will

Now, you have come to refresh my mind with remarkable memory

Memory of deep feelings recklessly crafted in your clitoris’s diary

If only I knew how to STOP! Stop you from afar distance—

I could unconditionally prevent your pilot with smiling resistance

I feel suffered by your insolent presence

Your love smells with Companie’ essence

But can I keep your guilt from astonishing error?

Desired error —produced by your terrible terror

It is my shame to dream of loving you

I refuse to accept your kiss and to say, ‘I do’

I’m deeply flattered by your brilliant tears

Honest tears of disgusting wears

You made me believe in your mysterious touches

I was slowly swerving silently as a swages

My wits kept the beautiful image of your ancient love

Love of illegal affection —pictures of treasonable cove

But you might still be my sweet darling

Gorgeous taste of a special feeling

My heart longed to profit from your temporary pretence

Indeed pretence—danger but black temperance

I want to still see and hold you

I want to chanced the correction by you

Breakup —opportune disorder has cut our hearts so deep

But your new love is far from what I can keep

My heart is worried to see you go mad—

For you’ve snatch my value as a unpolluted lad

Again, you have found the weakness in me

Sweet bits of true love we can’t see

My SMS have kept you with restlessness

Your phone calls has brought me nervousness

But if we are meant to be

Let love pain our colors and we will see

Decisions of distance carelessness  

—Her strength of my weakness 

Thanks for Reading
Joeforlove, Expert Librian POET
Dedicated to the error of male's memory!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dream from the Calabash

Danger gently looked in the eyes of a dark shadow

The old man’s palm wine fumed with delighted smile

Gravity caught the attention of the palm branches

Smocked Lamps could be spotted at the village’s widow

But the furious dust spoke in silence for a while

Night breeze verge the feathers of the lad’s chickens

They were homed in a net basket, with excellent lice—

It wasn’t a tradition —a culture of distressful happiness

Happiness, captured by the brilliant sound of virgin’s dances

Why couldn’t the eye lid receive siesta instructions from his nature?

May be, the fireflies held the attention of an illumine creation

It was very fresh; the sweetness was inspiration to his gray hair

The calabash mirrored his memory with dusting stories

—About how he taped, hunted and weed with rounded achievement

The salt in his sweat applauded his efforts with narrow arrow

Birds lyric were music to babies attempting busy sleep

The fire wood magic spattered in primary colours

Wonderful colours, smugly sending out pleasurable odour—

That was when I watched my first bamboo car move with careless passion

—As my mom’s proudly stood at a distance hut smiling without action

Young man’s virgin were waiting in the banana shrub

Shrub in which love could reconcile with plucky fear

It was a world where wisdom with own to aged—

Wealth, to the energy of hard work

And love, to the deepest care of honest desire

The darkest part of the night was in amity with the cloud

The due escorted stripped footed dances with drowsy laughter

Grimly smock forbid liquid with revengeful annoy

—As standing breast, so tempting, bid hairy chest good bye

This was the youngest beginning of my future’s past—

A brilliant culture to which all African dreams are born

Dedicated to the forefathers of Liberia

Joseph M D Johnson, Expert POET


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lonely Without Your Smile

It has just been a while
I’m lonely without your smile
It have not been too long
And my heart is partly not strong
Your touches on my lips cannot escape my mind
Your attractive hips and beautiful ways are so kind
I want to love you, hold you and kiss you
Indeed love you, boldly telling the world, ‘we are one but two’
I want to gently feel your natural love in my heart
Proudly polling painted past apart
I miss the moments you caused me to cry
And how you dry my tears when you smile and try
I deeply desire to see your gorgeous face
Beauty to which all is a race but syrupy grace
Days are passing slowly but fast
And I’m captured by the legacy of our adoring past
Your creative fingers has caused me no harm
Your tender care has kept me save from harm
Your romantic voice is like music to my memory
Romantic vision of precious summary
How and why could distance be so unjust?
Unjust to the resistance of an angelic dust
My eyes still pictured your first-class steps
Sweet steps that have softly given me peace and rest
Honey, I know how you love me so dearly
Now, the world is watching so clearly
God bless the wisdom of your intelligence
Remarkable diamond of my heart’s Allegiance
No matter the distance
I still trust in the existing love of your sugary Radiance

Dedicated to gentle ladies that love 'Green Rose!'
Thanks for reading my Poem.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Past of her shadow
 The sweet treasure of her sorrow
   Now she wants to escape her past
      Darkness of memories is chasing her fast
        She’s hungry to eat the food of engagement
          But her past has awarded her with disarrangement

Past of her dark shadow
  Path to which all love is so narrow
    Her tender beauty is colored by faded linage
      Linage to which she have no privilege
        To her past she wan to leave the rest
          Rest to which she can never forget

Past of her imminent shadow
  Disgrace as a permanent widow
    She have carelessly invested the seed of regret

      Careless seed, her award of her sweet neglect
        Her conscience is flooded with pain of rain
          Her mind is swallowed by rain with no gain

Past of her mad shadow
  Future of her sad tomorrow
    She’s wasting precious time protecting her pride
      But no man wants to make her his bride
        She’s very desperate to be called ‘honey’
          But her motive is to get the money

Past of her memorable shadow
  Thoughts to which all dreams are borrow
    Empty smiles are the hope of her life
      Life indeed, a tension to be called a wife
        She’s an example of emotional choice
          And a warning to all who dream is to rejoice

As an expert poet, I'm always obliged to wite freely against my will for those hungred minds whose actions and emotions have created attractive intentions. However, 'Past of Her Shadow,' is truly a master piece that is dedicated to the conscience of individuals’ errors, especially ladies.

Thanks for the time!

Best regards,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Think and Rethink, African Youth!!!!

“We've got the man power, energy plus the passion. Lets us stop talking and start working.  Let us think and Rethink!!!!”
Thanks to Mu'azu Muhammad, of NYSC/MDGs, ‘Family and Community Life Reorientation (FACOR),  for making such a good point about the question of Youth Development especially in Africa, addressing the topic, Poverty, Africa and the Question of Youth Development,” on the Back to Mexico 2010 WYC African Youth Preparatory group (August 2010)” facebook page.
It’s true that poverty and unemployment are challenges that we faced as African youth. There are many if not millions of productive youth across Africa with great dreams and creative ideas that are very useful to our today's Development challenges.

If the question was posed a 100 times, "Can we just fold our arms and keep watching?" The lazy and sleepy youth would say a simple, 'YES.' But this is the good news, the think and rethinking strategies are the best. The success of Africa highly, if not depends on Africans. To reduce this slung of backwardness from our lives, we gat to make use of the opportunities that are available to us. And if we cannot find one, it is our responsibilities as Africa youth to create one.

We've got the man power, energy plus the passion. Lets us stop talking and start working.  Let us think and Rethink!!!!

Think and Rethink about this: Did Nelson Mandela stooped after he spent 27 years in prison on Robben Island (now a world famous tourist); Did Desmond Tutu quit the fight to became a heroic figure in the fight against Apartheid, (He also became the second South African to be awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize); or did Steve Biko refuse to be noted as an anti Apartheid activist,( who founded the Black Consciousness Movement, a movement which would empower a vast majority of the black population of South Africa?)

Therefore, every African youth must know that each challenge overcome in our age buys an admission ticket to a more victorious moment. We will not, we should not and we cannot stop this fight until the smiles of our various countries are enjoying the sweetness of our today's efforts.

There is no African Youth Problem. The problem is weather young Africans can create the courage, honor and determination to live up to the success of their cause of achieving Peace and development! "The past is a ghost," Bill Cosby remarked "the future a dream. All we ever have is now."

I support Muhammad when he wrote, "We can now engage them with different approaches of fighting poverty that are YOUTH TARGETTED and Youth driven, using the time we have now and upward." Let us finally join our hearts, hands and minds with productive solution in the the Mexico 2010!!!

Let us not do nothing, watch-out, POVERTY do murder!!

Joseph M D Johnson
Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
GIMPA – Marketing 2013’
Youth Empowerment for Progress (YEP)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your Opportunity to Help Liberian Refugees at Buduburam


Thank you for your kindness toward refugees, like me. I know a lot of people really don’t care about people they have never met, but you have a very kind heart. Your encouragement is very special to me. But what can you do? I really don’t expect you to just give me money; that would be foolish. We do not need a hand out, but a hand up.

People in this refugee settlement have no hope. It is like a death camp here. No help with food, medical or even school for many of us unless we have the money. Many people cannot send their children to school because they are too hungry to study and even if they find a free school they still have to buy uniforms. Very few people have a job and even when we work we are not paid well enough to enjoy modern things. That is just the facts. That is the bad news.

We have some very good news! Along with Life Care Global, Inc of Florida we found a way for you to help us without it costing you any money at all and even save you money. We have a distributorship from a company with unique, high quality products that will help the environment while saving you money.

This will allow you to help us, your car and the environment--with money you would have given to oil companies. Of course it comes with a 100% guarantee. We have a distributorship that will bring us some proceeds and help you with the following:

• Save 10% or more on the MPG whether you drive a gas or diesel auto

• Reduce emissions by up to 30%

• Get your auto’s engine to run at peak performance & last longer

• All profit from this web site goes to help the people of Africa, here in the refugee settlement and the people of Madagascar who lost their government through a coup. Please ask me about how we will use the money to help during this time of extreme hardship here in Ghana and in Madagascar.

• This product has been used for businesses for 7 years saving millions for businesses around the world, much more effective than similar products made with alcohol. It really is unique and much more effective.

• An additional product line of nutritional products also available

• You may use the products as a consumer or become a distributor and earn a second income and get tax benefits for having a home business

I hope you will take a moment to look at the web site, and whether you would like to just use the product for your own use, or generate a second income for yourself, we hope you will support this project.

Please visit our site at:


Joseph M. D. Johnson

Liberian Youth - GIMPA

For additional assistance to verify my connection to this project please contact:

Amanda Summers

Life Care Global, Inc. (nonprofit)


Friday, March 19, 2010

'What Can The Young People Do To Be Seen In The Rebuilding Of Liberia.'

German poet, novelist and dramatist, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832) said, “Great endowments often announce themselves in youth in the form of singularity and awkwardness.”

The term - Rebuilding - is usually used to refer to a constructive process of engaging all citizens in building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability in an inclusive and democratic way. As a passionate young Liberian, it is my delight desire to call to the attention of the Young People of Liberia the abovementioned titled: ‘What Can Young People Do To Be Seen In The Rebuilding Of Liberia.’ Among the hundreds of brilliant suggestion and solution, I’m going to address just few including:

  • Trust: It starts from the family; and trust must be build and developed within the family so that members will learn to trust other people Young. LIB folks must learn to trust one another. Liberia will move forward, immediately when youth have the confidence to believe in the idea and work of one another.
  • Community Initiatives: Group of young people who interact and share certain things as a group can achieve a lot. It’s a ‘Wake Up call,’ effortlessly contributing to making the environment clean, promoting Sex after marriage, initiating community radio talk show, empowerment forums, workshops and many more…. The essence of community initiatives is to help Liberia youth to Develop emotional bonds, Intellectual pathways, Enhanced linguistic abilities and Higher capacity for critical thinking.
  • Promote the Liberian culture: Culture is a way of life, It has a powerful effect on a person’s daily life, It shapes us but we also shape culture. Who told us that Liberia doesn’t have a culture? We have a unique culture, it is very attractive and beautiful! It is the obligation of all Liberian youth to: learned, transmitted, shared, patterned and integrated the culture of Liberia. Stop asking ‘when’ and ask ‘why’ and lets go to work to rebuild Liberia! If culture is adaptive, we must adapt ours.
  • Endorse the values Liberia: We are promoters! If you can promote it you can live it! The values of Liberia are abstract and shared ideas about what is desirable, good, and correct. If Liberian youth can commence the promotion of our Beliefs, Values, Norms, Mores, Laws, the challenge of ‘Rebuilding’ is hopeful!

· We should always look up to the elderly to be in position to start from where they will stop. They help in ensuring that the rights of the people are respected by advocating for them to the people in charge.

· "Youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the partners of today. ’’ As scholars have stated, "time is not evaluated by what has been harvested, but what has been planted".

  • Responsibility: It is time that Liberian youth must learn assume the responsibilities that will help move the nation forward. This can start at homes, in schools and in the community.

  • Tolerance: Does charity works? YES! We as youth of Liberia must promote the idea of acceptance. We should be taught how to accept individual differences and encourage others in the process.
  • Crime And Crime Prevention: Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009, wrote, “1956, a major crime is committed every 11.3 seconds in the United States.” That’s about 54 years now. Liberia is not exceptional to an increase. To help rebuild Liberia, young folks must contribute to crime and crime prevention by obeying rules and regulations and promoting national youth policies and creating approaches that can help deviant behaviors.

· In previous times Liberian youth didn't possess the physical strength to be effective soldiers; this was what I realized lately. I read recently that, “World has 6.66 billion population among which 27% constitutes youth) are residing mostly in many-an-old age homes, orphanages, homes for the destitute, juvenile homes, individual families, and jails.” If young people want to be seen in the rebuilding of Liberia, we must take necessary steps and find new methods or revive old methods to avoid the above problems.

· I agreed with my comrade, Srikanth Chintakindi when he wrote, “Youth in order to make his/her country developed, has to sacrifice not only their lives by protecting their country at the borders but also has to protect from internal threats, and make the society a healthy place to live. It is possible only, if the youth realize to stay healthy by sacrificing selfishness, laziness, evilness etc., and by thinking dedicatedly for the growth of nation.