Friday, October 29, 2010

Youth Power! Conference 2010 on Joeforlove Birthday!!!

“Birthdays are nice to have, and spending it acquiring knowledge is worth a great moment.” 
Johnson M D Johnson

On his birthday, Joseph M D Johnson is attending the Youth Power Conference 2010. The conference will be held at the KAMA CONFEFRENCE CENTRE, at 8 AM – 1 PM in Accra – Ghana. This year conference will focus on being agents of Spiritual ('C') change and change in our communities and workplaces ('G'). Eg.Becoming an Agent for Spiritual Change in Ghana by Nana Yaw Offei Awuku (Scripture Union) or Dr. Leslie Quarcoopome (Korle-Bu).
As a young agent of change, Johnson is enthusiastic about attending this conference because it will help develop his leadership abilities and enhanced his drive to pursue his purpose. He declares that, ‘our ability as young people to CONTROL and INFLUENCE must be developed on a regular basis.
Expected speakers shall include: Nana Yaw Awuku, Scripture Union; Dr. Esi Ansah, Ashesi University and Kingsley Kwayisi, HuD Group.
The focus this year (and indeed over the next three years) will not be so much the individual's benefit but the impact he/she can make in the following areas of C.H.A.N.G.E. :
irwaves (and media generally)
hetto (communities and workplaces)
ducational institution (schools, universities, colleges)
These are six (6) areas that describe all the fundamental facets of human endeavour. In numerology, six (6) is the number of MAN.
In 2009, Johnson was opportune to attend the Youth Power conference, he acquire great knowledge to focus on being agents of change in  Homes ('H') as well as being agents of Intellectual/Educational ('E') change. Eg. Becoming an Intellectual Powerhouse of Change in Ghana by Dr. Esi Ansah (Lecturer, Asheshi University ).
YouthPower! Conference is all about Young People inspiring other Young People!
Youth Power! is the eighth publication of The HuD Group, authored by Dr. Yaw Perbi. Essentially, Youth Power! is a guide for Young People on how to harness and unleash their God-given potential and live purposeful and fulfilling lives. In this book, several principles have been discussed which transcend issues that the youth tend to struggle with. Our primary objective in beginning this Youth Impacting Youth programme in 2005 called YouthPower! Conference was to get Young People to show other Young People that it is possible to achieve remarkable successes; age notwithstanding, once their energies and resources are focused and applied.
Johnson affiliates with the HuD Group and have always involve himself in organized events. At the Manifestation Youth Camp in 2006, he was opportune to sit under a motivational section of the founder, Dr. Yaw Perbi. And since his enchanter with Dr. Perbi, Johnson has always find it great sitting under his teachings and reading his life changes books including the ‘Six Sense, The Sex Sense.’
According to Johnson, it will be a deliberate waste not investing his birthday time into this conference. He says that, “I believe is the success of future! And the future of the HuD Group is bright. Such a great future comes from an angle of determined vision. And the Youth Power! Conference futures remarked: ‘We want to strategically raise about 1,000 identifiable youth who are inspired and empowered to be real agents of change in Ghana over the next 3 years . These will form not only a socio-economic base but a spiritual powerhouse as well as anintellectual think tank for the nation and ultimately, for the African continent.’”
YouthPower! Conference has always had the following three-fold purpose:
  1. To bring together young people from all walks of life to share personal experiences of living emulatory lives.
  2. To unearth talents and promote young entrepreneurs.
  3. To encourage and inspire Young People to discover their God-given purpose and to live out their fullest potential.
Birthdays are nice to have, and spending it acquiring knowledge is worth a great moment. As a young leaders aspiring to become a great inspirational and motivational speaker, Johnson said, I recorded what Dr. Perbi last said, “Young People have immense potential locked up in the recesses of their being. Yet according to research by the Brain Institute at Stanford University , for example, the average person uses about 2% of his potential! Even Albert Einstein estimates he used about 15% of his!”

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