Thursday, July 22, 2010


You have the secret to my heart

—Mastering my weakness to pompously slash me apart

You made me fall in love deeply

Sad pleasure of emotional ‘oamily

Your beauty brightens my mind with smiling confidence

—Knowing fully well it was a trap with dangerous appearance

Pungent pleasure and pitiable pain bleed wild hurt—

Hurt that rejects my happiness like passionate dirt

I’m manipulated —tricked and twice ill

Embrace by sweet threat of your will

Now, you have come to refresh my mind with remarkable memory

Memory of deep feelings recklessly crafted in your clitoris’s diary

If only I knew how to STOP! Stop you from afar distance—

I could unconditionally prevent your pilot with smiling resistance

I feel suffered by your insolent presence

Your love smells with Companie’ essence

But can I keep your guilt from astonishing error?

Desired error —produced by your terrible terror

It is my shame to dream of loving you

I refuse to accept your kiss and to say, ‘I do’

I’m deeply flattered by your brilliant tears

Honest tears of disgusting wears

You made me believe in your mysterious touches

I was slowly swerving silently as a swages

My wits kept the beautiful image of your ancient love

Love of illegal affection —pictures of treasonable cove

But you might still be my sweet darling

Gorgeous taste of a special feeling

My heart longed to profit from your temporary pretence

Indeed pretence—danger but black temperance

I want to still see and hold you

I want to chanced the correction by you

Breakup —opportune disorder has cut our hearts so deep

But your new love is far from what I can keep

My heart is worried to see you go mad—

For you’ve snatch my value as a unpolluted lad

Again, you have found the weakness in me

Sweet bits of true love we can’t see

My SMS have kept you with restlessness

Your phone calls has brought me nervousness

But if we are meant to be

Let love pain our colors and we will see

Decisions of distance carelessness  

—Her strength of my weakness 

Thanks for Reading
Joeforlove, Expert Librian POET
Dedicated to the error of male's memory!

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