Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your Opportunity to Help Liberian Refugees at Buduburam


Thank you for your kindness toward refugees, like me. I know a lot of people really don’t care about people they have never met, but you have a very kind heart. Your encouragement is very special to me. But what can you do? I really don’t expect you to just give me money; that would be foolish. We do not need a hand out, but a hand up.

People in this refugee settlement have no hope. It is like a death camp here. No help with food, medical or even school for many of us unless we have the money. Many people cannot send their children to school because they are too hungry to study and even if they find a free school they still have to buy uniforms. Very few people have a job and even when we work we are not paid well enough to enjoy modern things. That is just the facts. That is the bad news.

We have some very good news! Along with Life Care Global, Inc of Florida we found a way for you to help us without it costing you any money at all and even save you money. We have a distributorship from a company with unique, high quality products that will help the environment while saving you money.

This will allow you to help us, your car and the environment--with money you would have given to oil companies. Of course it comes with a 100% guarantee. We have a distributorship that will bring us some proceeds and help you with the following:

• Save 10% or more on the MPG whether you drive a gas or diesel auto

• Reduce emissions by up to 30%

• Get your auto’s engine to run at peak performance & last longer

• All profit from this web site goes to help the people of Africa, here in the refugee settlement and the people of Madagascar who lost their government through a coup. Please ask me about how we will use the money to help during this time of extreme hardship here in Ghana and in Madagascar.

• This product has been used for businesses for 7 years saving millions for businesses around the world, much more effective than similar products made with alcohol. It really is unique and much more effective.

• An additional product line of nutritional products also available

• You may use the products as a consumer or become a distributor and earn a second income and get tax benefits for having a home business

I hope you will take a moment to look at the web site, and whether you would like to just use the product for your own use, or generate a second income for yourself, we hope you will support this project.

Please visit our site at:


Joseph M. D. Johnson

Liberian Youth - GIMPA

For additional assistance to verify my connection to this project please contact:

Amanda Summers

Life Care Global, Inc. (nonprofit)


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