Friday, February 18, 2011


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

: My Liberian Dream (POEM)

Is it a dream? So simple, yet so powerful
Can I see when I dream?
A dream deeply rooted in my ancestor’s dream
Young men and women designed with a beautiful aim
A nation in harmony with peace and unity
A society who’s proud is pained with a unique dignity
Where every young person will have the right to education of good quality

Can I feel when I dream?
The strength of my dream reflects the youth
A brilliant energy to which all hope can enjoy the future of Liberia
The right to life, opportunity and the pursuit of freedom
Indeed freedom Government motivated by the spirit of honesty and hard work
This is my Liberian dream

Can I touch my dream?
In weak wealth went the wise of my walking dream
From Fish town into the Sapo National Park in eastern Liberia
From the Mangroves trees line into Liberia’s tidal estuaries and lagoons
Beyond the coast covered with various kinds of palms, screw pines, and rubber trees
The death, the war, the poverty and the shame is not my dream!

What more can I dream?
What should my dream be?
A dream where Young Liberians would wake up from bed
Enjoying the right to a standard of living adequate for their holistic development
A dream where every young person shall have the right to enjoy the best
A dream to promote and protect the morals and traditions values recognized by our community
A tender dream to eliminate discrimination against girls and young women
A dream where every young person shall have responsibilities towards his family and society
A dream where we shall live in a Liberia that belongs to ‘Liberians’
And a dream where youth potential is maximized for the posterity of the future

I have considered my obligation to dream
And what I feel, touch, seen and dream are our dream
A dream a day Liberia can become the glory of Africa’s destination
And we shall all thank God to live the Liberian dream

Dedicated to the Future Leaders of Liberia