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Quote to do the best

The best way to do your best in 2009 is to control your emotion, focus on your strength, cultivate the power of your mind and work, work towards a bright future.


Dear friends-of-humanity:

Kindly accept our heartfelt greetings.

We call it a blessing and an opportunity to be in connection with your vision. We have heard and read about the wonderful testimonies of people who lives have been transformed through the active vision of your organization.

We are a youth group comprising of mostly Liberian refugees for now who have been lingering in Ghana for many painful years of our lifetime. You may have only heard, read about or seen on screen people of our status. But from real experience, we can tell how deplorable it is to be a refugee, especially in a country like Ghana. Words may fail us to say how getting common water to quench our thirst in a hot 120 degree temperature can really be difficult. We might lack the appropriate words to describe exactly our feeling of waking up every morning from dirt-and illness stained mattresses to face the rest of the challenges of each day on empty stomachs. We cannot state here vividly as experience teaches us the extremity of our plight; how our hearts cry out and our souls burn with the desire for education. The troubles are multi-dimensional and it is difficult if not impossible to mention them all on these limited pages.

The only benefit we have had so far from our stay here is the fact that, with our refugee eyes, we are opportune to see the impact of education in the development process of our host country. In spite of the challenging moments we experience here, it is an absolute privilege for us, the future of our nation and the world, to flee the valley of destruction and settle on this mountain of rescue (Ghana) to be able to look in every corner of the valley and identify the causes of the unpardonable destructions. It is on this mountain that we have discovered that our own people used our ignorance and innocence as an advantage with which they could fight their power-struggle. They were successful in using us as their instrument for destruction, but now we wish to correct the wrongs by serving as instrument for re-construction. Though we destroyed our land with our ears and hands, but we can rebuild it with our hearts and minds.

Listen beloved. Listen without pity. Just listen with understanding. You do not know us, neither did you expect a message like this from people like us, but now you can feel our heartbeats on this paper. Our message is: in spite of the circumstances surrounding our lives here, we have a burning desire to rise from this state and affect our generation to the extend that posterity will keep applauding us. We are so obsessed with this great desire that most times we hardly recognize the complex troubles that form our refugee burden. From the success stories of successful men who have lived, we have observed that the deeper their plight was, the higher was their flight on their success journey. It has been said that when people strive to reach their goals in life, pains becomes temporary and pride forever. This knowledge has inspired our YEP dream.

YEP is at its formative stage and has a membership strength of talented youths who have captured the attention of the refugee community through excellent performances in various competitions organized by some authorities. We have tried to fight the challenging circumstances but the only thing standing between us and our vision is education and between us and education is finance. We believe that your foundation can be a blessing to our dream financially and morally.

Beloved, the most painful thing about living in our world is the fact that those who are privileged to have some financial substance are misinterpreting success to be how much money can be made and what luxurious life can be lived. True success, we believe, is not how much money can be made in our short lifetime but how much money can be invested and how many generations can benefit form the investment. Money deposited in banks as we know may increase by interest rate but money invested in lives will certainly multiply and eventually offer real worth and wealth both on earth and in eternity. Some minds may uAnderstand these truths and some hearts may be willing to apply them but maybe they cannot find a trusted means to channel the needed help to the needy.

Most of us in YEP, compelled by the circumstances and also for the dream we share, sleep on the same mattress together. This is the evidence of our unity in this struggle. We are just a hopeful family now and probably for the rest of our lifetime. We, with the diverse skills and the common desire that God has given us, believe that our war-ravished nation can be transformed into an admirable one through our efforts. The peace we came to seek in Ghana has returned to our country, but our youthful fear is that we might be rejected by our ill-tempered society for returning home empty-handed and empty-headed.

Now, our spirits are lifted and hearts sincerely believe that your ministry of concern can make the crucial but worthwhile sacrifice to invest into our future and our minds and souls, as well as our generation, will forever remember.

It is our fervent prayer that our message reaches your kind hearts in peace as we anticipate a positive rejoinder preferably by e-mail or phone.

May God multiply your source of income in your effort to bless our destiny.

Contact: The Youth Empowerment for Progress
P. O. Box 46, State House, Accra - Ghana
Cell: +233 244 964681/247414941

Five Action Steps to Success

Samuel Smiles said, "Men who are resolved to find a way for themselves will always find opportunities enough; and if they do not find them, they will make them."

Success is real. never be scare to death to try something: Start a business, ask someone for a date, start a family, get married, invest in stocks and real estate, volunteer for worthy course. Success is a favorable outcome that reflect the attainment of your goal or aim. It is about starting at where you are and going for the opportunities that are more than your abilities.

In 'Titan,' Ron Chernow reflected, "John D. Rockefeller, business tycoon extraordinaries, would always tell the owners of refineries he bought out that they could have either stand and oil stock or cash for their business interest. He urged them to take stock, telling them it would be far more valuable then cash in the long run. And Mr. Rockefeler practiced what he preached. Any time one of his subordinates wanted to sell, he would buy it himself. Rockefeller had great confidence and, as a result, became the richest man in the world."

Stop playing games with your success. The below Action Steps are Source of energy to brighten up your success life:

1. Identify What you have: It is impossible to attain success without a clear purpose. Deep in you are great potentials which defines your entire life. The number one risk in lie is to expose your entire life without identifying what you have. Many people always expressed hopelessness, "I'm struggling to become something because I feel almost like a looser." Another, "What an I good at? All I know how to do is to try!"

You were made to have a meaning. It is how you use what you have [your potential] plus your energy to develop the gift (s), talents, opportunities and resources that often qualify you for success. Unfortunately, people want to become successful without knowing what they have to offer. This simplifies our lives; 'What do you want to do?' It is about studying a map before attempting to travel to an unknown area. Life has no significance or hope without your ability to develop what you have.

2. Value what you have: I've come to reason with people who usually set polices. They really want to protect what often create growth to their lives and business. What you value you respect. What you respect has the ability to produce more and more for you. Successful people don't price their talents cheap or less. They always value their potential and ability to increase their success.

If Mr. Rockefeller did not have place a high value on stock than cash --he could not have been well known to be a Business tycoon extraordinaries.

3. Practice What you say: The act of Mr. Rockefeller 'practiced what he preached,' contributed largely to his success. If you really need success, your words must be consistent with your deeds. What you say must never contradict your character or actions.

"Confession brings passion," declares proverbs. I believe words are meant to furnish and promote our believes. People who are hungry for success must speak positive things about their destiny. It is impossible to say evil of your present and achieve a good future --success cannot work that way.

4. Have Great Confidence in your Future: "Rockefeller had great confidence in the future of his company, as a result, he became the richest man in the world." have boldness enough to risk your entire life towards success.

having confidence put you in a unique position to scare away fears. With confidence, you have the true believe in your future and the antivirus to delete fear from your entire life. Only successful people can create the possible means to use great boldness to attain a better future. "Roger Staubach marked, "Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere. It's a result of something...hours and days and weeks and years of constant works and dedication."

5. Add Hard work and Persistence: hard work and persistence are tools that attract success. Your efforts and desire to push through towards your dreams and goal will often introduce you to success. Keep doing what you can do to get what you want.

John Mason, a father I really love advise me: "Once you're moving you can keep moving. Dis Michael Jordan stop shooting after making his first basket? Or did Max Lucado quit writing after his first best seller? Success people know that each victory buys an admission ticket to a more challenges opportunities. The more you can do, the more you can do."

What you're continuing to do with my five Action Steps to SUCCESS is a better yardstick that can make you a man or woman of Success! Apply and wait for a great RESULT.

Joseph M D Johnson
Liberian youth Living in Ghana -Buduburam Email:

Is Thinking Attracting your Attention?

Tryon Edwards says, "Thoughts lead unto to purpose; purpose go forth in action;action form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny."

The person you would like to know that is responsible for most of your failures, is the same person who appears in the mirror when you look at the mirror. You must help yourself. It is time for us to train our attention by practicing positive thinking. Norman Vincent Peals remarked, "Do not build up obstacles in your imagination."

Your future depends on every thing you constantly give thought to doing. Whatever picture you automatically change in your mind can be accomplish physically. It is how well we think that make us do good things better. Zig Ziglar reflects, "What you picture in your mind, your mind will go to work to accomplish. When you change your pictures you automatically change your performance."

Proverbs says, "As a man thinks, so is he, and as a man chooses, so is he." It is all bout FOCUS. I believe using our minds with time help us make careful observation which can help our lives. This is the shortest way to accomplishment.

Zoe M. Hicks, a writer and a speaker on spiritual and legal topics who practices law in Atlanta, GH wrote: "positive thinking, is not just wishful thinking, not Pollyanna thinking, not just happy thinking, and not just positive thoughts than negative thoughts about something, but thinking that leaves no room for doubt. This king of thing does not entertain negative thoughts because it has already accepted as fact that whish is yet to be seen with the physical eyes. It is nontheless just as real to the preason who is thinking as if it had been."

No one can make you a failure without your permission. How you see yourself and thinks will set boundaries to limit your accomplishments. John mason wrote, "Stop looking only at where you are and start lookingat where you can be. Be careful of where your mind wonders; your words and action fellow it. It's followed by words at any moment and action very soon."

For every moment I give to thinking, one of the results is what you are reading. Train your attention. Allow thinking to attract your attention. To become who you want to be, thinking positively must attract your attention. Good thinkers are always successful; ask any one who don't like to fine an excuse for thinking. Make progress. Emmanuel Dei-Tumi, one of my good friend advise, "All that you achieve and all that you fail to achieve in life is determained by your thoughts, and wisdom."

Remember: Thinkers rule the World!

7 Strategic Tips for Smart Learners: Learning how to learn

Are you a slow learner? Do you wan to improve your learning skills? Are you looking for the best solution to a learning problem? Ream and apply my 7 strategic Tips for Smart learners. And here we go...

Strategy one: Prepare to Learn.The first step to learn is to prepare. To use your memory effectively you have to prepare yourself mentally. In fact, with learning any skill, your intention, attitude, and motivation are fundamental to success. Learning preparation must include your ability to have the right tools, face challenges, have study environment, handle health and stress and time management. They are fundamental and are worth all the time you can put into them!

William A. Ward Quote: "Recipe for success: Study while others are sleeping; work while others are looking; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing."

Strategy two: Explore how you learn best. Always bear in mind that there is no best way to learn. As a person who seeks knowledge, you learn by building on the knowledge you already have. 70% of a lifelong learner's knowledge is thought by himself/herself. It is important to understand and maximize your learning potential, explore how you learn best, and use this knowledge to your advantage. And the best way out is to discover your learning style. Are you a reader, a Listener, or a Doer? There must be an inventory that can categorize how you learn best.
Mark Victor Hensen Quote: Thought and ideas are the source of all wealth, success, material gain, all great discoveries, inventions and achievement."
Strategy three: Understand how your brain works.Mr. Mike Awuah reflects, "The major tool we need to learn is our mind." I am convinced that the brain work on principles. So "It is natural to forget then to remember," and "It takes repeated efforts and exposure to information to learn thoroughly." Get rid of the habit of studying for a very long time i.e. over 2 – 3 hours without taking a break. Take the advice of Sharon K. ferrtt, "When we perceive information with our senses, important information is processed into short-term memory and eventually into long-term memory. By using memory strategies and techniques, your long-term memory can improve." In my opinion, the best memory techniques contribute a series of shorter study sessions which is definitely preferable for students or employees who are determine to achieve higher goal.
Abraham Lincoln Quote: "Always remember in mind that our own resolution to succeed is important then any other one thing."

Strategy four: Practice what you learn. As the famous saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." Good learners are those who constantly practices what they learn. I personally discipline myself to write an article on every important subject I learn. This habit have helped me to retained almost 50% of what I learn in class, from speakers and reading. It works!The motivation of writing this article was inspire form Mr. Mike Awuah when he thought on the theme: "Principles of Learning," during an inspiration section of the Hud Group monthly youth meeting at the University of Ghana, Legon. When Mr. Awuah esthetically spoke, I jotted in my notebook, "Learners become better at what they practice. Adult learn best through practice and participation. It is good to learn but wiser to review what you learn at least five times a month.

Aristotle Quote: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but habit."

Strategy five: Take Control. You are 100% responsible. Learner really value knowledge and information so they are fully responsible to focus, think about it and create new ideas. I previously read, "One of the reasons people may not succeed in school or in their careers is a lack of willingness to make the necessary effort." You are special –Don't quit. If success does not come quickly, examine the real reasons for not succeeding. Taking control over things you learn is base on your ability to keep handling failure and focus. You are to discuss what you have learned with someone, teach it to someone, ask question, write it (take action-note), visualize it. Test yourself, use multiple sources, make flash card, etc. Most importantly, talk your problem out, eat well, get plenty of exercise and rest (your health says a lot about you), and create a balance of work and play.
Rob Gilbert Quote: "losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success."

Strategy Six: Team Up. Being part of a team or study group is a reflection of who you are and how well you work with others. You will be able to ask questions, suggest and understand your lesson and duties. The motivation to attend lectures regularly, participate actively in class room, review study materials frequently and practice what you learn will better your chance to do better.It may be difficult to be controlled, supervised, or given order. Successful learners change their perception and begin to look at instructors, advisors and supervisors, as part of their learning process. They deserve your tolerance and willingness. Establish your team relationship based on respect; it is possible that most team mate will go extra mile to help you if they know who you are and if you show interest and willingness to apply yourself. Spend your time to gain!
Peter Druckek (Management Theorist) Quote "A worker needs one thing only: Learn how to learn."

Strategy seven: Read Widely. Readers are Learners. Are Learners Readers? Excuses are many. For the past five years, I have not entered college or university. I do not find excuses either. Rather, I am making proper use of my time by sitting in my room reading and writing. I am an example of reading because every word you read in this article is written based on my curiosity to read widely. Reading has given me ideas and improved my writing. Read novels, classic literature, biographies, and newspapers and get on the Internet. Read other students' papers or employers' proposal and exchange papers with your study team. Make use of the 21st centaury' books!Reading widely enables learners to be certain or positive of their purpose, goals and objectives. Your skill level, vocabulary, ability to concentrate, handle distractions, and your state of mind all improve your learning ability to recall what you must achieve whenever you read. The more you read the better you become. Andrew Gide (a writer) said, "To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him, and travel in his worm company,"
Nathanael A. Laryea Quote: "Poverty is optional, prosperity is a choice, but wisdom is a need to all mankind."

How does Joe answer other questions? Read his previous articles'>"> M D Johnson (Nike name: Joeforlove) is passionate for writing and one of Ezine leading motivational and Inspirational experts, a potential youth leader who is hungry to get knowledge and desperate for Education, and the author of the article "Five Action Steps to Success." He is a son to the parents of Liberian Refugees residing in Ghana. Have a question for Joe?

Ten "Pillows" to Start a Worthwhile Relationship

Stephen Levine gently asked, "If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who you would call and what you would say? And why are you waiting?"
In real sense, this was what happens to me. I had the time and chance to walk on a road with the person I really love and I learned a lesson. As a youth, I really wanted to reduce the suffering from heartache, hurt and disappointment you faced. I wish to rise my voice in protest against the foolish ways love plus dating approached my life and my wise pillows I use to solve some huge situations.

It is good our Church prepares us for a purposeful life, but our young people should not be unprepared for marriage. Learn about the ways to handle that special kind of friendship between two persons of the opposite sex that may lead to love, courtship and marriage.
STOP daydreaming. Commit yourself to developing friendship before becoming lovers. These personal experiences can work for you. Each pillow contains straightforward information meshed with Experts concepts. I hope that those of you who seriously want to live into God's harmony will find acceptance, assurance and happiness towards a worthwhile relationship.

PILLOW 1: Accept and love yourself. Do not slim your chances to love and be love. Create a mental image of yourself which is capable of helping you make intelligent decisions. You are a special and a wonderful individual. Live with what you are able to change. If you don't, you'll feel inferior and end up hiding your insecurity beyond normal understanding.

PILLOW 2: Make wise decisions. I was once thought, "The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going." A poor decision to wisely choose the person you'll spend your life with breads disaster. It is more tragic if you're not fully prepare to make a healthy decision. Remember, either a poor or a weak choice will lessen our chances for happiness and fulfilled relationship.

PILLOW 3: Predetermine your search. Yogi Berra said, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." Can you trust your own feelings, be responsible for your action or control your life? Carefully study your present. Instead, don't count on your expectations, lover or dreams to rescue your future.

PILLOW 4: Educate your self. Learn about two people called husband and wife. Start in the right direction. Enter effective studies on relationships. Read widely. This can probably not marked the tide of divorce in your life but would prove very helpful. "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." -Aristotle

PILLOW 5: Sacrifice personal time. Hard work plus sacrifice result in SUCCESS. Incompatibility exists when lovers/couples are ignorant. People don't really want to go an extra mile to finally earn they must be awarded and often say, 'we are incompatible' they should sacrifice personal time to achieve a complete but healthy relationship. Woodrow Wilson said it the right way, "There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed."

PILLOW 6: Handel every Situation. Every great human is a problem solver. See all difficulties in a relationship as a steeping stone to success. Get rid of this philosophy, "Our love will handle every situation that crosses in our way." Voltaire advises me once saying, "No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking."

PILLOW 7: Reject Fear. The Bible says, "Perfect love cast way fear." The more you encourage fear, the poorer you feel about yourself. Fear does not have any special power unless you empower it by submitting to it. Take what Les Brown reflected, "Stop daydreaming and exist in a better life than a make-believe paradise."

PILLOW 8: Don't serve two Master. H. A. Hoof wrote, "Indecision is debilitating; it feeds upon itself; it is, one might almost say, habit-forming. Not only that, but it is contagious; it transmits itself to others." Choose the central point around which your life will rotate. I've absorbed the spiritual values of God not Satan. I've realized my value and purpose are spelled out far different than friends who exist in hypocritical relationship.

PILLOW 9: Take Criticism. Don't be mad and defensive. Love wholeheartedly. Criticism is a steeping stone for people who accept it gracefully and evaluate the criticism objectively.
"There is so much good in the worst of us, And so much bad in the best of us, That it ill behooves any of us, To say anything about the rest of us." -Anon.

PILLOW 10: Concentrate on the needs of others. It helps you forget about worry or anything which stand a chance to make you feel a failure. This pillow has been a great source of motivation in my entire life. I've learn to focus on other person's needs to reduce the tension of my appearance of how genuine people thinks of me. Timothy Bentley mused, "Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude." Allow your attitude to help people and save you out of trouble!

I am passionate about writing motivational and Inspirational stories. I'm part of the Liberian Refugees in Ghana who can't allow failure spoil his destiny! -a boy that sees problems and used it as an opportunity to achieve a simple or challenging course. Email:

Season greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Today, Christmas day, I believe is the best holiday of the year. We say no to work, and yes to family and friends. No to deadlines, yes to relaxation. No to selfishness, yes to giving. And no to the impossible, and yes to the actuality of God made flesh in the form of a child.Think about it: until you give yourself to some great cause, you haven't really begun to fully live.

Nothing significant is ever accomplished by a realistic person... A virgin giving birth? This certainly wasn't realistic. And what about you? Born to accomplish great things? You may think not... you know yourself. But more importantly, God knows you. He knows your days before you've lived them. He knows the number of hairs on your head. And He wants the best for you.When you think realistically you'll stop before you start. Say yes to God's great plan. This Christmas day and throughout the new year, be a heart through which Christ loves; a mind through which Christ thinks; a voice through which Christ speaks; and a hand with which Christ helps. Christ in you and through you makes a world of difference.

Through the ultimate example of Jesus, we learn that what we do for ourselves alone dies with us; what we do for others is timeless. Let's all remember to thank God for what He gave, Jesus!Merry Christmas!

!-- Joseph M D Johnson (Joeforlove)Founder and CEO - YEP