Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joeforlove Personal Motivation for 'i20 Empowerment"

“Nowhere in the world have refugee youth ever played a willful role in the agenda of the cause of their own suffering. Nevertheless, they continue to take the highest dose of the bitterness of all disasters.”

It has always been a heart breaking experience for me seeing thousands, if not million, of youths in the poorer parts of the earth planet, lacking almost everything that they need to accord them the opportunity to grow into the responsible leaders their various countries are so much in need of.
A very huge percentage of the world’s youths are either refugees or evidently poor individuals existing in evidently poor environments that carry all the signs of hopelessness for a future that can justify their present state of being.

The UNHCR, unfortunately cannot reach all the evidently needy youth as a result of their limitation in time, space and funding. Most of the youth I am talking about are coming from families that are not sure of the normal daily meals that other fortunate youths are absolutely sure of. But they have high desire to learn and seek opportunities to make their dreams a reality.

As I stated in the back ground of the ‘i20 Empowerment’, these youths have not played any willful role in the planning of the course of things that exposed them to their present state of being.

I am of the opinion that if these youths are left to the mercy of their fate in this cruel world, then the unfortunate stage of creating an inhuman cycle of unhappiness is set for continuously disadvantaged society of human beings in the third world. And the zeal to voluntary help rescue these youths who are supposed to throng Africa’s moral, forms the basis of my motivation to undertake the ‘i20 Empowerment.’

Joseph M D Johnson
‘i20 Empowerment.’ Initiator

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