Tuesday, October 12, 2010

POEM: Lost In The Cear Of Fear

Lost in the care of fear
Feelings were lonely but near
Two hearts stood at a distance afar
Sending sweet feelings in words so deep and far
Their mind slowly embraced the ‘txt pleasure
Great danger that love could not measure
Both hearts ignorantly accepted love’s tesion
Rocking their sleepless night with great emotion
Within their hearts, resistance was strong
So strong, kindly refusing bitter pain from among
Attention had them smiling
As distance affection, had them crying
They were lost in the radiance of love—
The true feelings to accept from above
But fear had them still
Their hearts were hard but ill
Dry smiles corrupted their lovely will
Indeed will —inventing the malady of sweet pill
Words of emotion touched down, deep in their hearts
Like bitter joy tearing down beauty apart
And to one, it was a divine mystery
To another, it was a sweet misery
The more they deny the content they will share
Pretence proudly pours upon them with intelligent fear
Boldness, intelligence and courage spoke aloud
As value, care and beauty wisped to allow
—Allowing two heats admire the attraction of love
Life’s greatest happiness to wish all hearts is ove
Both dreams were locked in their imagination
Thoughts of feelings to wish all was an illusion
Lips was kissed in their mind
Tender hips was squeezed but never to be find
Deep in their eyes were distances yearning—
—yearning to be touched and felt every morning
The voice of her tender breast cry for his simple chest
The words of his unique txt kept calling for her request
Smiling night patiently watch their created pain
A remarkable moment to whish love was a gain
And when one suggested an immediate end
End to wish a suggestion was indeed approved
Both hearts were sad but far
Silently enjoying the wonderful regrets so afar
Memories to which all lovers must appreciate
Carelessly wasting expensive time of all they have ate
But do these two hearts love dearly?Or can they fall in love so clearly?

Knowing fully well their true feeling exist
True love which cannot be resist
Sending feelings in words so deep and far
Lost in the care of Fear!

Happy Val!



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