Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goodbye F'Acid

It might not have been as it was said, ‘A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it.’ Kindly allow me to write it by saying…

It seems to me that you’ve made your choice
Like a butterfly smiling at a sun flower
Never know when the day will end
But it has self-confidence and determination
When the storm sets in on a new day
And I would have loved to make you smile
To know you better  ¾ to perfect your happiness
But I was just a skilled Joe
Not quick to make a decision
But I was too transparent
¾That you pictured the destinies of my sight
But I was a distance away
The butterfly’s beauty has changed long before¾
Your heart made a choice
Between the sun flower and your smiles,
There are 60 seconds pages
¾Recording and writing new destinies
On a bright day when the storm shall end
Let us learn, live and leave a lasting legacy
But I am just Joeforlove ­¾me of I am…
Not moved by simple actions
That you may have pictured with emptiness
The butterfly was smiling long before
¾Your heart’s choice regretted!!  

Thanks for the time,



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