Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lonely Without Your Smile

It has just been a while
I’m lonely without your smile
It have not been too long
And my heart is partly not strong
Your touches on my lips cannot escape my mind
Your attractive hips and beautiful ways are so kind
I want to love you, hold you and kiss you
Indeed love you, boldly telling the world, ‘we are one but two’
I want to gently feel your natural love in my heart
Proudly polling painted past apart
I miss the moments you caused me to cry
And how you dry my tears when you smile and try
I deeply desire to see your gorgeous face
Beauty to which all is a race but syrupy grace
Days are passing slowly but fast
And I’m captured by the legacy of our adoring past
Your creative fingers has caused me no harm
Your tender care has kept me save from harm
Your romantic voice is like music to my memory
Romantic vision of precious summary
How and why could distance be so unjust?
Unjust to the resistance of an angelic dust
My eyes still pictured your first-class steps
Sweet steps that have softly given me peace and rest
Honey, I know how you love me so dearly
Now, the world is watching so clearly
God bless the wisdom of your intelligence
Remarkable diamond of my heart’s Allegiance
No matter the distance
I still trust in the existing love of your sugary Radiance

Dedicated to gentle ladies that love 'Green Rose!'
Thanks for reading my Poem.

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