Monday, February 8, 2010


Dedicated to the "Lets Talk About Sex" Radio Show
"Making the right choice at the right TIME!" Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM on UNMIL Radio 91.5 FM, in Monrovia, Liberia.
A motivation by Kula V. Fofana, an Independent Thinker!

Sex before marriage
Makes two lovers stink and malnouriage
One sad smile at a time
Emotions are dragged into pleasure’s kind
It becomes silently sweet when she sadly smiles
But create more danger for him into a million miles
It controls the failure future of the heart
And rejoice in tearing two hearts apart
It is indeed, sweet in the brightest dark―
Brightest bark, as guilty pain splashes into the lovers’ ark
But sex in marriage, shares the smile of sprightly light
It deepens the admirable eyes to keep―
―Pouring the destiny of two lovers so deep
In marriage, it makes the two happy
Before marriage, shameful tears becomes very nappy
It is the diamond of the soul
A precious star of all achievers’ goal
Brilliant reflection demands its pleasure
The true feelings that love most treasure
Before marriage, sex is indeed frisky and risky
The disease of few minute pleasures makes it dirty but nasty
Wow unto lovers that continue therein
For the shadows of regret shall sleep within―
Deed within, weight of sweet-smelling mistakes to entertain
They shall surely smell the glory of emptiness
―Emptiness of sex torture and its factory’s recklessness
Ignorance will laugh at their abortion status
Poverty will respect their futile financial status
But for those who can date but wait
Will surely escape the painful hands of sex foolish pit!

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