Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Think positively

Your problem is: You waste too much time trying to change people mind on what they think about you. Anything that is successful from stopping you to think positively has plausibly succeeded in making you a failure. In the Bishop ministration, Run To The Water, TD Jakes asserted, “Thinking is the first step to the revolution in your life that is incredibly significant.”

Listen, if you fail to think positively you have succeeded in becoming a loser. Winners are confident, optimistic and focused on good things rather than the bad. Be certain and not in doubt. Winners live above average and is producing good results because they have an innately beneficiaries character.

Beyond all doubt or question, you must use the mind to subdue imminent challenges. If you are bound in your thinking you’ll fail to be creative. Everything we touch, feel or see began in the thought of somebody’s mind. It becomes a thought before it came into existence. Do not allow anybody laugh at your thinking.

British advertising executive and author, Andy Law (1956 –) reflected, “Creativity can provide all the solution to the complex problems of the workplace. Creative thinking is a positive, generative force that uses imagination to power business.” If you think positively, your mind goes to work and won’t allow anything get in its way. No force will arrest or resist your achievement strategy. Be in-love with your thought!

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