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Fulfillment, Wealth & Poverty

"A man can have but one life and one death, One heaven, one hell.”
Robert Browning (1812 - 1889), British poet.

The U.S. novelist, Toni Morrison (1931 - ) inked in a novel titled, The Bluest Eye: “A little black girl yearns for the blue eyes of a little white girl, and the horror at the heart of her yearning is exceeded only by the evil of fulfillment.” Deep in the ear of my mind, I could hear a promised voice that might have supply the full amount of the white girl’s order. This emphasis a request to live, a necessary will to enjoy life and the instruction to be good enough to meet standard requirement. On the contrary, in my world, among hundreds of unfulfilled refugees, few among the many young folk I know often seek for an answer to a simple question, “Do I deserve to feel satisfied with what I do when my expectations are earless? Perhaps I’m being a scrappy failure to think so high of getting soluble response.

Spanish novelist, Javier Marias wrote, “Using one's imagination avoids many misfortunes...the person who anticipates his own death rarely kills himself.” Incurably, I really yearn to understand all explanation of a fulfill person. Conceivably, they’re special people who have a great impression upon their character to help underprivileged to experience a wonderful life. I have the right to think about how bad it magnify for monies to live dead in bank account while folks suffer in my world. Maybe, it is always proven that handwork plus constant determination equals success. What will you be remember for when you’ve receive the diamond key that opens eternity’s gate? I might be right to say that the lives invested in and the generations a man can impart guarantee his fulfillment. Sadly, our world’s view on this subject is erroneous. The majority believe that it is about how capable a man is intelligently prepared to lavish his money

Norman Mailer (1923 - ), U.S. novelist and journalist penned these words saying; “Growth is a greater mystery than death. All of us can understand failure, we all contain failure and death within us, but not even the successful man can begin to describe the impalpable elations and apprehensions of growth.” My achievement spirit felt criticized when I read Norman’s words. I don’t enjoy criticizing people; it’s a disease for my imagination. What I really enjoy is people criticizing me. This is the only way I feel alive and positive. Stop living for yourself because there is more to fulfillment than you think. A great deal of research shows that people are often slow to revise their first impressions of others even when those views are not supported by the evidence. Part of the problem is that once we form an impression of someone, we tend to interpret that person’s later behavior in ways that seem to fit our impression. Be careful, our world is recording your daily actions!

I have being wondering why one of the earliest and most comprehensive analyses of economic systems, began as a study of the relationship between human nature and social evolution. As a refugee youth, the Scottish economist and philosopher ADAM SMITH, assertion that the natural outcome of this evolution is an economy based on open markets and driven by competition inspired many modern-day laissez-faire capitalist philosophies must have give me a clue. But, in the process of satisfying my curiosity, I came across “People notable for great wealth:” Bill Gates, David Geffen, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell, Paul Allen, Oprah Winfrey, Ross Perot , Rupert Murdoch , Steve Ballmer, Steven Sielberg, Sultan of Brunei, Ted Tuner, Thaksin Shinawatra and Warren Buffett. I was introduced to questions like, “Why are they remembered for?” Or “Why are they different from you and me? Are they better than others?”

Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881), British prime minister and writer make less burdensome of my laughter when he reflected; “A good eater must be a good man; for a good eater must have a good digestion, and a good digestion depends upon a good conscience.” Does it work this way? In my refugee world, whenever I open my eyes to a new day, there are incredible situation that meet me. I worry about how to get water to drink, next, food to eat and maybe, water to bath. I believe those notable for great wealth don’t dream of ever being in my situation. Unfortunate for poor thinkers, they frustrate themselves with poverty’s pressure.

The tragedy is, I eat to survive and people with wealth eat for pleasure. Listen to Vivienne Lo (1958 - ), British historian and writer; “Eating cannot be a solitary affair, but must be shared with the people you love or are doing business with; it increases the pleasure.” The pleasure of what? Why send thousands of dollars on food when you don’t care to eat? Where is your appetite? Subsequently, it is more than a state of having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing and housing. It is being recorded for how humble you are to have pleasure in helping a dying soul with what God have blessed your life with.

The Irish poet, playwright, and wit, Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900) emphasized the transparency of the act by saying, “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.” If the relationship between human nature and social evolution were honest, poverty could be a temporary problem not a geographical catastrophe. The problem exists because selfishness have been prioritized then selflessness. In in the process of development, the natural outcome of many modern-day laissez-faire capitalist systems could be catapulted by brilliant ideas, not inflation or intonated black market theory. The competition to possess wealth would be valuable to many honest souls whose imaginations could have a common purpose then confusing greed with acquiring wealth.

In her book, Memoirs of Hadrian, Marguerite Yourcenar (1903 - 1987), Belgian-born French writer printed the words, “A man who reads, who thinks, or who calculates, belongs to the species and not to the sex; in his better moments, he even escapes being human.” Marguerite was indeed voicing me at her moment; it could be. How many people you know whose names is not mentioned on the world’s record of “People notable for great wealth,” which controls an abundance or great quantity of something… valuable? Who care? God care! I believe that it is more comfortable to live for others then for oneself. In fact, we all have a greater chance to live longer.

A U.S. religious leader, Mary Baker Eddy (1821 - 1910), wrote in the first version of her most important book she titled, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; “Disease is an image of thought externalized...We classify disease as error, which nothing but Truth or Mind can heal...Disease is an experience of so-called mortal mind. It is fear made manifest on the body.” I am sitting saying to myself, “It is not a magical outcome; not being panic is the drug.” World leaders believe that it’s common among poor people. As a refugee, the more I focus on knowing about poverty, the closer I understand that I do not have enough to survive. The interesting part is if I refuse to know, I constantly realize that I have less than others. In fact, this boils down to absolute poverty and relative poverty.

Who take pleasure in deficiency? On the other hand, only concern folk read that “There are a wide variety of options for measuring wealth and well-being and for establishing lines that separate the poor from the nonpoor.” But do you know that, “Economists have traditionally chosen income as the basis for measuring and defining poverty?” While no one measure is necessarily correct, I’m sure experts won’t argue that some definition is better than my opinion.
Inevitably, poverty is constantly sleeping on a bed that is Ill stink and have horrible odor. It is living in a 6” x 9” room that have holes, crack walls and being waking up from bed by cluster of tiny light that penetrates your rusty zinc. It is more than sharing your room with intelligent mosquitoes on an unadorned half inch mattress and walking more than 5 mile to regularly ease yourself with big horrifying toilet flies comfortably fooling around your entire body as if you’re a corpse. It is being identified by a particular colorless shit and brownish shot trousers. It is to compulsory fast from 12 AM to 8 PM and break with a 90% carbohydrate stuff food. It is living in the absence of love, believing in your failure and being contented with an unhealthy destiny! Do you know what poverty is? Are you sure of wearing one underwear?

In 1964 United States President Lyndon Johnson declared a national “War on Poverty” as part of his “Great Society” program. Was there a factor that contributed to this decline? What do you know? British princess, Princess Anne (1950 - ) said, “It could be said that the AIDS pandemic is a classic own-goal scored by the human race against itself.” Classically, it is human fault.

German-born Swiss novelist and poet, Hermann Hesse (1877 - 1962) (Steppenwolf, "Treatise on Steppenwolf) said, “I believe that the struggle against death, the unconditional and self-willed determination to life, is the motive power behind the lives and activities of all outstanding men.” The point is, thank God for who you are and what you have. You are better than a mother who wakes up at 3am to make bread, sell for her eight children to eat and survive. Use your money wisely and learn to invest into lives. Welsh politician said, “If this is God's world there are no unimportant people.”

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